6 Items that suitable to eat with biriyani-expertkitchenstories

6 Items that suitable to eat with biriyani-expertkitchenstories

Biriyani is a popular meal of celebration in south asian countries peoples . And there are some side dishes that increase biriyanis taste and make it more delicious. Here we have listed the best food items for you to enjoy your Biriyani .

What you will know here 

Many of you had common question about what to eat with biriyani. So, Here we discussed about 7 amazing side dish that you can serve with biriyani. Hope this will help you Stick with Expert Kitchen Storiesūüėä

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1. Biriyani with Aachar (Pickle)

Aachar is a process of making pickle from vegetables or fruits, which gives an amazing flavor to any dish. It can be used as side dish with biriyani. When you add some achar before taking a bite of biriyani, then you will get a great experience. You can use this method at home too. There are so many achar can be found on market or you can use your home made Aachar also.

Acchar (Pickle)Expertkitchenstories.com;
Acchar (Pickle)Expertkitchenstories.com;

2. Biriyani with Cucumber salad mixed with mastered Sause

Salad is a common side dish with biriyani. but when common salad is mixed with mastered sause that changes biriyanis taste. Simply cucumber is a symbole of refreshment and the mastered is taste like little bitter when both mixed with together that create a unique and refreshing taste which add an extra vibe on your biriyani eating experience. 

Salad Mixed With Mustared Sause Expertkitchenstories.com
Salad Mixed With Mustared Sause Expertkitchenstories

3. Biriyani With Borhani

Borhani is another famous side dish with biriyani. This is prepared by adding boiled rice into curd milk mixture. The main ingredients of borhani are curd, sugar, cardamom powder, rose water etc. If you want to prepare this recipe at home then follow these steps- Boil 1 cup of white basmati rice until half cooked. Add 2 cups of full cream cow’s milk along with three tablespoons of butter. Now mix well and keep aside. In a pan heat 4 teaspoons of oil over medium flame. Once hot pour one teaspoon of mustard seeds.

Burhani - Expertkitchenstories.com
Burhani – Expertkitchenstories.com

4. Biriyani With Chatni that Mint Mixed With Tamarind

Another very tasty side dish with biriyani is mint chutney. Chutneys are usually added after cooking of meat or vegetable. But here we are talking about mint chutney. To make this chutney simply take fresh mint leaves and crush them finely. Then add tamarind juice and salt. Mix all three things properly and store in air tight container. Use this chutney while serving biriyani.

Chatni Expertkitchenstories.com
Chatni Expertkitchenstories

5. Biriyani And Mashed Potatoes

Mash up potatoes and serve with gravy. Make sure you don’t overcook the potatoes otherwise they won’t absorb much gravy.

Mashed Potato Expertkitchenstories.com
Mashed Potato Expertkitchen Stories

6. Biriyani and Various Type of Salad

Salad is always a healthy side dish with almost every kind of food. So why not try out different type of salads? Try out various types of salads such as carrot salad, tomato salad, cabbage salad, beetroot salad etc. These salads go perfectly with biriyani.

Salad Expertkitchenstories.com
Salad Expertkitchenstories.com

Frequently common questions Answer : 

  • What can I serve with biryani?

Biryani goes best with plain steamed rice. Other than that it goes really good with rotli, paratha and chapati.

  • Is there anything else other than rice that should accompany biryani?

Yes! Biriyani tastes better if accompanied with something sweet. Some people even prefer having dessert with their meal.

  • How do I know how spicy my biryani is?

The spiciness level depends upon the amount of spices used during preparation. Generally speaking, more spice means hotter biryani. However, you may find milder versions available in restaurants.

  • Can I have biryani without rice?

You can definitely enjoy biryani without rice. Just remember that you need to increase the quantity of meat accordingly.

  • Do you eat biryani with yogurt? 

Biriyani doesn’t taste great when eaten with sour tasting foods like yoghurt. It will just ruin your experience.

  • What can we eat with Kolkata biryani?

Kolkata biryani goes extremely well with mutton dishes.

  • How can I make my biryani more tasty?

Try using chicken instead of lamb. You can also use beef or goat meat. Also, avoid frying onion before making biryani. Instead, saute it gently on low flame.                               

I am from India and I love biryani. My mom makes delicious ones too. Here are some tips which might help you get started.

1. Do not cook the rice first – let it soak overnight so that it absorbs most of the liquid.

2. Always check the consistency of the sauce/gravy – if its thick enough then no need to thicken further. If it’s still thin then mix 1 tsp corn flour into 2 tbsp water and whisk it into the gravy. This helps prevent lumps forming later.

3. When adding vegetables, keep an eye on the colour – once cooked, veggies turn dark greenish-brown. Don’t worry though, they’re fine.

The secret ingredient is “Ginger” – ginger gives the whole thing a nice kick.

Hope these help. 

  • What is Hyderabadi biryani served with?

Hyderabadi biryani is a dish served with curry. It is usually served with a seasoned meat curry, but sometimes vegetables are also served. Vegetables like potatoes and peas are common in biryani dishes.

  • What sweet goes well with biryani?

Sweet is always well after taking any meal. Payees, Yogurt and sweets are very well deserted with biryani. 

  • Are biryani dishes healthy?

Definitely Biryani is healthy but it depends on how many times you take it . Taking the access level of anything is harmful for health. 

Final Words

Biriyani is a delicious food for south asian peoples. Biriyani is symbol of joy and happiness. Side dishes are extra sweetness of that happiness. No matter what! when south asian peoples Like -Bangladesh, India and Pakistan whenever a person or group think of having fun and celebration , It starts with Biriyani.

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