Best way to clean kitchen floor

best way to clean kitchen floor

Kitchen is an important part of a human life because whatever we eat is well cooked in the kitchen. So we need to keep our kitchen clean. If you are lazy like me then definitely you also feel lazy for cleaning the kitchen Lol. Anyway, whether you are lazy or active it doesn’t matter today I am going to share a few good tricks about the Best way to clean kitchen floor.

You know the tile can shine for life time if you take proper care of them. We always love to walk on decorated floors. That’s why people use tile in their home and kitchen floor.  

How to clean ceramic tiles in the kitchen?

Things you will need. 

  • warm water, 
  • soap or cleaning item, 
  • and rag / chamois mop 
  • A bucket 
  • A piece of cloth.


  1. Take some warm water in a bucket and mix a little amount of soap or the cleaning item like white vinegar or detergent.(For excess dirtiness like ingrained or sticky dirt you need to spray the mixed water into the floor and keep that for 20 minute. )
  2. Take a Dip rag or Chamois mop, put that into the bucket water, squeeze the extra water in the bucket. 
  3. Now slowly run the mop into the floor and try to reach every corner. 
  4. Change the water if it gets dirty.
  5. After finishing mop work dry the tile with dry cloth


How to clean Marble or Nature stone tile in the kitchen?

You need a soft bristled broom for cleaning natural stone tile. Choose the right type of cleaner because marble tiles can’t handle anything acidic, like- vinegar. Use mild detergent to avoid any mess. see in youtube

How to Remove Stains from Natural Stone Counters
How to clean Natural Stone Tiles

How to clean Vinyl Or Linoleum Tile in the kitchen?

Vinyl : Use only manufacturer recommended cleaning solution for vinyl tile, don’t apply abrasive cleaners, it can scratch the flooring 

Process Of Clean Vinyl Flooring

Linoleum: Linoleum mixer is different then other tiles , so use the linoleum cleaning mixture for cleaning linoleum tile you need to clean it every three to six month . Use a coat of wax and buff to maintain the floors shine. 

Clean Linoleum Floor Tile

How to clean terracotta floor tiles in the kitchen?

Terracotta is an amazing tile for the kitchen floor, It gives a warm and earthy feel. Definitely terracotta got dirty because of using it. Cleaning the terracotta floor with the wrong kinds of products can be the cause of unsightly surface or damage. Floor suppliers keep a special cleaner for terracotta tile, using a special cleaner will be good for your kitchen floor tile. 

clean terracotta floor tile

How to clean porcelain tiles in the kitchen ? How to clean porcelain tiles? 

Porcelain tiles are resistant and easier to maintain. You have to avoid Chemical cleaner, Bleach Or Acids for porcelain tile. Because regular use of chemicals can erode the surface of the tile. Maintaining an everyday clean process of warm water mixed with detergent and a mop is enough for taking care of porcelain tile.

Porcelain tile Clean

How to clean travertine tiles in the kitchen ? How to clean travertine tiles?

Travertine is a beautiful looking tile. And its cleaning process is easy if you know what you are dealing with. First of all remove dust and dirt before mopping.  Mix the selected detergent with warm water. (Avoid Acidic products and vinegar ). Before Mopping make sure your mop is not soaked cause soaked mop can be the cause of water infiltration which will lead your tile to damage.  Use Spain Mop to wring out a large amount of water without twisted.
clean travertine tiles

After all, cleaning is good for your health. Dirty floors are not healthy . So that’s why we need to take proper care of our kitchen tile to avoid a dirty and dull look. Expert Kitchen Stories described Best way to clean kitchen floor hope it was beneficial for you.

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