Best way to sharpen kitchen knives 2024

Sharpen Kitchen Knives WIth ceramic mug

Sharpen kitchen knives are an important part of cooking and many professionals believe they are best when sharpened regularly. Stick With Expert Kitchen stories For Know Best way to sharpen kitchen knives.

Benefits of sharp kitchen knives , Why is knife sharpening important?

Sharp kitchen knives benefit the user in many ways. Sharp kitchen knives can be used to cut food faster and much easier. This will save time when preparing meals because you don’t need to spend so much effort on slicing with a dull knife.

The sharper edge of the blade can slice meat or vegetables more cleanly than would normally be possible if the kitchen knife has been kept at low sharpness. This results in less product loss during processing, which benefits commercial kitchens where space is limited for storage of food products after prep work is complete. Some cooks argue that sharp blades are also safer since they are less likely to slip while slicing foods, reducing the risk of accidentally cutting yourself. Also, an important fact that I like about my sharpened kitchen knife is that it makes me more confident in the kitchen.

Few tricks  of sharpen kitchen knives

Sharp kitchen knives with honing steel 

Sharper knives are safer to use and last longer. Messy work in the kitchen can be avoided by honing the knife’s edge after every time you use it. honing steel is an inexpensive tool for keeping a sharp blade ready for use.

Using honing steel:

1. Hold the honing steel in your hand with the blade facing downwards at about 20º angle from horizontal against the honing steel rod, which should also be at that 20-degree minimum angle against the surface on which you place honing steel.

2. With your other hand, draw the knife back and forth across the honing rod so that the knife cuts into the honing rod (working along the entire length of the honing rod) while holding it at the same 20º angle. The honing rod sharpens the knife’s edge by honing it to molecular level through honing and stropping movements, instead of adding material.

3. Honing steel is more precise than honing ‘stones’ or ceramic steels for honing a blade as it follows the contours of the knife precisely without any deviation.

Sharp Kitchen knives with honing steel 

Sharp kitchen knives with white stone .

You can sharpen kitchen knives with white stone easily. Here is the process of  how to sharpen kitchen knives with white stone. 

  1. First you need to mark the sharpening point of knives. 
  2. Keep the edge 12 degree angle and move forward and backward to 10 minute.
  3. Then do the same for the other part as well. 
  4. Carefully feel the sharpness with your finger. 
  5. Now try to cut a paper. 
Sharp kitchen knives with white stone .

Sharp Kitchen knives with ceramic mug  

It sounds weird that a knife can be sharpened with a ceramic mug. But actually it is a very easy process. Let’s get to know about it. 

  1. Take a ceramic mug or a any of ceramic product 
  2. Put it on a flat surface and the back side should be on the upper side. 
  3. Then  put your knife in a 12 degree angle to the back side of that ceramic mug.
  4. Push the knife forward and pull the knife backward . 
Sharp Kitchen knives with ceramic mug  

Sharp The knife with an electric sharpener. 

Well all of the processes are described as the simplest way of sharpening knives at home.  But an electric sharpener makes it Easy for you. There are different types of electric sharpener available in the market . Simply buy one and enjoy.  See the video for using electric sharpener.

Sharp The knife with an electric sharpener. 


In the end I would like to say that be careful with all kinds of knife work . If you are a kid then don’t try to do any of the following processes. 

Sharpen Kitchen Knives WIth ceramic mug

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