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If you wanted to know about kitchen equipment?  Then you need to see the whole kitchen. The large amount of items that handle the whole process from preparation to cooking  can be called kitchen equipment. Stove, chillers, microwave, freeze, blenders etc. are pretty good examples of kitchen equipment. But note that Dishes, knives, forks, spoon glasses won’t be in the list of kitchen equipment. These are listed in the “kitchen tools” category.

Simply we can say that the larger implements of your kitchen (that can be manual or automated ) are known as kitchen equipment.

Lets see some kitchen equipment list and their usage. They also known as most using equipment in the kitchen.

1 Microwave: Microwave is an electronics machine that is used to warm up foods and also used for cooking. Microwave oven completes an entire kitchen experience because it can heat food less than an oven does and is also easy to operate. 

2 Blender: Blenders are very important and common equipment in a kitchen. If you want to mix 2 more things then definitely blender will save your time and increase mixing quality. Blender provides an amazing performance for mixing sauce, Juices or soups. 

3 Refrigerator: A refrigerator is an important piece of kitchen equipment.If vegetables, fruits, and drinks are stored in the refrigerator. Actually refrigerator is a safe place for Perishable foods. 

4 Stoves: Kitchen stove is a device that uses fuel or electricity to produce  heat inside or in the surface area. Stove is used for cooking and baking. 

5 Toaster : Toaster is a common equipment part of a kitchen. Toaster easily crisp breads, bagels, melting cheese and warm up your foods. Toaster works are varied by their types. A big toaster can warm up pizza for you but the small one will warm up only sandwitches. 

6 Rice cooker: Rice cooking is a lengthy process if you do it on a ovan. So a rice cooker is a good choice and fantastic equipment for your kitchen . Just plug in push a single button and few minute latter you will get perfectly cooked rice 

7 Barbecues machine :Most of people love barbecues.anykind of occasion bbq plays an important role of favorite food. And the machine that prepair bbq is a bbq machine.

8 Oven : Oven is where foods are being cooked. There is many type of ovens are found in market among them gas and electric ovens are popular. 

9 Coffee Maker : Coffee maker is small and an important part of the kitchen.Because everyone loves coffee. It is not only used in the kitchen but also in offices, drawing rooms, and coffee shops also. If you are a coffee lover then a coffee maker definitely plays an important role in your kitchen. 

10 Potato peeler: Potato peeler is a gadget that removes skins from potatoes. Removing skins is a very time wasting job but a potato peeler saves your time. 

11 Deep fryer: Simply Deep fry is used for preparing the fried food such as fried chicken, Fish cutlet, french fries. If you want to have a good  Fried taste in a short time then a deep fryer is the best choice. 

12 Dishwashers: Dishwasher is a very working friendly item that helps to wash your dish in a short time. Normally dishwashers are used in restaurant kitchens. 

13 Slicing machines: Slicer is an equipment that helps to cut a large amount of food into slices. It is made for professional jobs. Many restaurants use slicing machines for fast performance. 

14 Electric  Mixers: Baker items like bread and cakes are perfect for snacks. Homemade Bakery items are very healthy. A mixer is very good for mixing wet and dry ingredients.To create bakery items at your home  mixer will mix flour and eggs and other ingredients for you. 

15 Food Processor: Food Processor is an amazing equipment for the kitchen. It works amazingly for cutting a large amount of vegetables. When you need to cook for a large number of people then the Food Processor will work as your help hand. 

16 Electric Grill: Electric grill machine is used for making a grill in your kitchen. In urban areas people don’t have enough space to make traditional grills, so electric grill machines are gonna deliver the home made grilling taste. 

17 Slow Cooker: Slow cooker brings out the flavours of ingredients. Slow cookers are used for heat over a long time to cook liquid based dishes. The advantage of a slow cooker is when you arrive at home and see your food is hot and ready to eat. 

18 Fryer: This equipment is a blessing for the food lover. French fry, fried chicken, hush puppies can be perfectly fried with a fryer as like the restaurant does.Some people say that Fryer can bring the restaurant taste to your dinner table. 

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Simply we can say that the larger implements of your kitchen (that can be manual or automated ) are known as kitchen equipment.